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Hanging Structures

Versatile Garland





Hanging Structures

Versatile Garland


What You're About To Get


- Learn my go-to mechanics to make sturdy, foam-free commonly asked for designs such as arches, chuppahs, and climbing designs.

- Learn how to make a variety of hanging structures using my economical and versatile mechanics.

- Gain confidence when planning and ordering for large-scale designs

- Bonus design session that will break down the mechanics behind many of my large-scale designs.

Versatile Garland

- Learn how to make sturdy, foam-free floral garlands, wall pieces, mantle pieces, and hanging pillars.

- Gain confidence in, and add many new designs to your "foam-free" design repertoire. 

- Save time and resources with the flexible, cost-effective designs outlined within this course.

- Bonus session will guide you through the steps to make hanging floral pillars.

Hanging Structures

- Learn my go-to techniques to make all manner of hanging structures

- Gain confidence in designing foam-free by learning how to create secure, reliable structures.

- Learn how clever mechanics and very few stems can equal a unique,  impressive design.

- These affordable, easily accessible mechanics will open up a world of ideas, allowing you to create hanging structures that reflect your own design style.


Create gorgeous large scale designs that will leave your clients in awe.

"I find Susan's standards at the highest in the industry and her lessons are invaluable for anyone pursuing an artistic profession, floral or otherwise."

Debra Prinzing
Founder and Creative Director of

"I'm elated for designers worldwide to have access to the methods behind her artistry in this new video series. She will certainly inspire you to think out-of-the-box, teach you the importance of sound mechanics and likely transform the designs you offer your clients."

Amy McGee
Botanical Brouhaha

"Susan's work is innovative, fresh and inspiring. Those that have an opportunity to learn from her will not be disappointed."

Holly Heider Chapple
The Chapel Designers



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