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Learn why Sue created floral tattoos and understand the techniques needed to make these incredibly artful and fashion-forward designs!

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Modern Floral Fashion

🌷 Exciting News Just for You! 🌷

I'm thrilled to announce the release of my newest collection of classes, featuring an incredible array of 18 unique floral designs! This collection is the culmination of endless creativity, passion, and the joy I find in sharing the art of floristry with you.

Here's What You'll Learn:

  • Wrist Corsages, reimagined: Learn to love corsage making with this collection of innovative and artful design techniques. Corsages have never been this artful and streamlined.

    • Platforms on Cuff
    • Platforms on Ribbon
    • Swirled Aluminum Platform on Ribbon
    • Wrapped Aluminum on Bracelet
  • Twisted Wire Jewelry: Magic happens when jewelry-making techniques and flowers combine. Learn how to merge the two effortlessly.

    • Twisted Wire Cuff Corsage
    • Four Finger Ring
  • Shoulder Corsages, Reimagined: Learn my favorite way to make impressive and comfortable shoulder or “pinned” corsages- from practical and immediately salable to fantastical and editorial.

    • Platform with Magnets
    • Epaulet Platform
  • Delicate Wire Earrings: The approachable ideas in this collection will allow you to craft exquisite, attention-grabbing floral earrings with ease.

    • Simple Threaded Earrings
    • Multiple Threaded Strand Earrings
    • Floating Wire Platform Earrings
  • Delicate Wire Headpieces: Ethereal and light as a feather, these floating pieces have attracted a lot of attention! Learn how to make these desirable works inexpensively and quickly.

    • Floating Wire
    • Floating Wire with Headband Base
    • Strung Florets on Wire
  • Twisted Wire Frame Headpiece: Fashion-forward and truly avant-garde, the techniques in this class will up your floral game and ignite your creativity.

  • Floral Lace Headpieces: These intricate headpieces are a study in negative space and delicacy. Transform your approach to “flowers for the hair” and make wearable works of art!

    • Cloche Headpiece
    • Two-Tier Fascinator

There’s more! With your order, you'll receive these TWO exclusive bonuses:

🌟 BONUS #1: Easiest Boutonniere Ever: No wire, no tape, no pins!! This approach will save you time and reduce day-of stress. This new floral hack is seriously simple and incredible! 

🌟 BONUS #2: Hydration Chamber: This traditional and natural processing method will transform your approach to floral design. This is my most asked about class because it is so transformative! 

I'm wholeheartedly committed to providing resources that ignite your creativity, answer your burning questions, and guide you through the mesmerizing world of floral jewelry and wearables.

Thank you for being a part of this journey. Your support fuels this art, and together, we create beauty that makes the world a brighter place.

With warmth and gratitude,

What People Are Saying:

My creative wheels are turning! Sue shares some fantastic mechanics that can be used in many applications. Solid techniques and ingenious engineering all explained so well! Sue's bonus boutonniere lesson generously teaches yet another way to be creative with secure and quick mechanics. Sue is an excellent teacher who shares skills that will up my game as a farmer florist looking to expand my business!

Marsha W.

I have considered Sue my virtual mentor since I first saw her teach & became enamored of her techniques. I LOVE wearables & have learned so much by combining the incredible techniques Sue teaches with my ephemeral land art.

Allison T.

You've done all of the hard work in figuring out the mechanics. Thank you for being so open to sharing your secrets. You are a wonderful instructor; clear, easy steps to making the most beautiful, intricate looking wearable pieces.

Sue P.

I'm truly taken by your imagination and how it leads you to so many forms of creativity.

Cheryl A.