Greetings floral friends!

Let’s master the art, the heart, and the business of floral design...together.

For the first time ever, pull up a virtual chair in my personal studio to learn from me and some of my key mentors!

Running a fulfilling floral design business
doesn't come with a roadmap.

It can feel complex...and difficult...and lonely. 
It can feel like there’s always a million things standing in your way!

Maybe it’s the design side…

“I see things I want to make, but they don’t always turn out the way I envisioned”

“I want to learn the technical skills so I can make the art I know I’m truly capable of”

“I want to get faster, better, and more efficient…”

Maybe it’s the marketing side…

“I need to get out there more”

“I wish I had more exposure and connections and followers”

“My website and social could be so much better but I don’t know where to start…”

Maybe it’s the business side…

“Pricing my work is so confusing - I end up losing money because it’s too low (or losing projects because it’s too high!)

“I didn’t go to school for this! How do I turn this into a real business??”

"I just wish I had a roadmap for building my floral business."

Maybe it’s the mindset side…

“I know my mental roadblocks are holding me back”

“I don’t feel confident in my abilities”

“I wish I could get paid to make what I want to make!”

Trust me, you’re not alone

And I’m here to doesn’t have to be this way.

~Time Out~

Let’s take a minute to
re-imagine your floral design business.

Imagine if ...

Every day you feel CONFIDENT enough in yourself and your creative voice to share it (so you do!)

Because of this, you have a growing list of followers and “internet friends” who love your work -- it may not be millions, but doesn’t have to be

You get paid to make what YOU really love -- instead of working in reaction to what “the market” wants

You have your ideal clients reaching out to you (who adore your unique style and trust your vision)

You can stop saying “Yes” to clients that you know aren’t a good fit  just because you need the money

 You can stop chasing “high-profile” (aka: stressful) events just because you “need the exposure.”

You know exactly how to price your work so you make healthy profits that can support you financially. {sighs...maybe a little bit too dramatically?}

People are finding your website online because you now actually understand the mythical beast that is “SEO” (well, maybe not ALL of it...but the most helpful, accessible, and immediately-actionable parts? Definitely.)

You find that more clients are scheduling time with you because you’ve streamlined the process and made it so simple to get in touch with you

Automatically filter out bad prospects who were never going to buy from you anyway

And not only that, but imagine if ...

You had the tools you need to:

Have confidence executing the artful work you really want to make

 Work smarter and sustainably, not harder and wastefully

Start working ON your business, not just IN your business

 Find your creative voice...and your unique style of floral art

Achieve a healthy, self-supportive mindset and feel freed to truly express yourself

Align your business with your core values

Flowers are wonderful. It’s about time the process of floristry felt that way too.

Hi, I’m Susan McLeary,

aka “Passionflower Sue”.

My floral designs have been featured in over 50 publications including Martha Stewart Weddings, Fusion Flowers, and Cosmopolitan. 

 My @PassionflowerSue Instagram account has over 120,000 followers and has become a valuable business asset. 

 My book “The Art of Wearable Flowers” has sold thousands of copies, and is now in its second printing. My second book will be released in Spring of 2023! 

 I’ve been invited to speak at The Philadelphia Flower Show, The Slow Flower Summit, and for The American Institute of Flower Designers.

I’m a floral designer, author, and educator...but I am NOT a business coach!

When I was new to the floral industry, I felt intimidated, overwhelmed, and had no idea where to start. All I knew was I was passionate about flowers, but felt creatively stifled and unsure of how to move forward with purpose. 


When my students ask me how I have built my platform, skills and business to where it is today, I do not reference my MBA (because I don’t have one!) or my flawless self-confidence (because I truly felt insecure most of the time!) 


How did I move forward? 


A lot of time testing, studying, and working with some wonderful mentors. 


Today, I want to introduce you to some of those wonderful mentors, and let them teach you what they have taught me. Together, we will help you create the art you’re truly capable of, build a fulfilling business you love, and join hands as we move the floral industry forward!

Sue's been featured in:

Holly Heider Chapple

The Chapel Designers

"Susan's work is innovative, fresh and inspiring. Those that have an opportunity to learn from her will not be disappointed."

Introducing The Floral Mentor

A transformative floral learning opportunity.

Transform the 3 Key Areas of Your Floral Business in the Next 30 Days: 

  • The Heart - Cultivate your unique creative voice, overcome limiting beliefs, and cultivate a more purpose-driven floral business.
  • The Art - Unlock the magic of the principles of design to create more advanced, artful and balanced work every time.
  • The Business - Learn practical business, branding, and marketing skills to grow a more profitable and life-giving floral business.
Browse the Lesson Plan

Let’s dig into what you’re really going to learn...





Mindset is the armature of personal, creative, and business growth. It is the internal structure you need to create amazing things!

  • Understand the vital (but overlooked) role mindset plays in your creative success.
  • Learn the tools to reframe your mindset so it will set you free instead of holding you back!
  • Learn to identify and shed the limiting beliefs that may be damaging your business success
  • Foster a healthy mindset to propel you toward your goals
  • Stop operating from a place of fear and scarcity
  • Develop your core beliefs and values to help you filter every opportunity and choose only the ones that will truly nurture you and support a better world 
  • Get a process to approach your business and promotion from a positive, high-energy, emotionally-aligned state.




Design theory is the recipe for creating impactful floral art every time. It directs your creative energy so you can flourish in the face of ANY design challenge.

  • Grasp the deeper reasons behind why certain designs impress and others fall flat
  • Learn to apply the same visual concepts used by Davinci, Michelangelo, and others to inform stem placement, color allocation, and proportion.
  • Employ the “Golden Ratio” to create balanced, intriguing pieces (and easily fix designs that just aren’t working) 
  • Discover the power of the Golden Triangle, Rule of Thirds and “3-5-8” to create naturally pleasing compositions
  • Explore the Elements of Design and learn to wield them like a pro
  • Learn the categories judges use to critique floral art, so you can make award-winning arrangements any time
  • See real-life examples of these methods in action
  • Push your design skills forward!





Business and branding don’t have to be scary. A few fundamental skills can make your business more profitable!

  • Learn the principles that built my Instagram to over 120,000 followers (and how you can grow your impact, too!)
  • Use Instagram to communicate your brand and manifest the work you desire to make - even if you have a tiny following!
  • Learn practical tips for how to “make friends” with Instagram
  • Get found on Google by setting up your Google My Business listing the right way
  • Website and branding tips to craft an awesome online presence
  • How to streamline your booking and proposal process to get even more business 
  • How to price your work profitably so you’re getting paid what you deserve





Your studio is the engine of your business. Get the tools to run it efficiently and purposefully!

  • Watch my process for receiving and preparing flowers for longevity and beauty
  • Access my FAVORITE foliage and materials for creating large-scale designs that will hold up well without a water source
  • How to create a “Hydration Chamber” to keep plants fresher for longer, while reducing stress before and during an event!
  • How to be efficient AND artful in your designs
  • The go-to tools I use every day in the studio to make your work faster and more enjoyable -- including favorite vases, supplies, hard goods and other floral resources!
  • Foam-free, environmentally conscious vessels and hydration methods 
  • Explore simple tricks for reliable bases and hydration sources you may never have thought of before
  • Learn the 9 Floral Layers and how to easily make anything one simple layer at a time -- from tiny tattoos to large-scale installations!

*Bonus Module: Armatures*



  • Simple tips and tricks for creating sturdy structures to form the base of your beautiful designs
  • Fantastic for bouquets, wall hangings, vases, floor designs, installations and more!

What Do You Get?


Video Classes


Worksheets, Resources, Checklists, etc

for further reflection and application


Amazing Instructors

Meet Your Instructors!


Susan McLeary

Design Theory, Instagram, Technical Training, & more.

Hitomi Gilliam

The Elements & Principles of Design: Implementing Art Theory Concepts to Create & Critique Your Work

Julie Tobi

The 5 Story Types that Hold People Back

Sara Dunn

SEO for Florists

Alison Ellis

Website & Branding Tips for Florists, Streamline Bookings, Pricing Basics 

Crystal Whiteaker

Rooting Your Brand in Core Values

Jordan A. Maney

Anti-Racism is Your Business


Even More Resources to Help You

Make Even Faster Progress toward Your Goals with these Extras

  • 4 Live, Instructor Office Hour Calls 
    • Ask questions, get support and encouragement as you dig in!
  • 1 Month of Membership in the “Virtual Studio” ($69 value!)
    • Access over 60 additional tutorials and trainings
  • 1 Month Access to Virtual Studio Facebook Group
    • Get feedback and ask questions
    • Connect with an amazing and supportive community of florists!

Wait, I have one more bonus for you. And this one’s big :)

Enroll today and get my bestselling Essentials Toolkit for 50% Off (One-Time Offer)

  • Art Theory Primer
  • Anatomy of a Centerpiece
  • Arches
  • Hanging Structures
  • Large Scale Designs In-Depth
  • Versatile Garland + Bonus Video
  • Floral Fascinators
  • Floral Jewelry
  • Flowers for the Hair
  • Four-Way Sash
  • Living Succulent Jewelry
  • Shape Shifting Bouquets
  • Shoulder Corsages
  • Wrist Corsages
  • Floral Tattoos
  • Funeral Flowers
    + Bonus Video: Ask Me Anything
    + Bonus Video: Live Training
    + Bonus Resources

By the time you complete all the programs in this course, you will have the roadmap you need to greater confidence, greater skill and greater profit in your business!


It’s time to push work, your mindset, and your business forward! 

You’re in good hands. 

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